Blockchain: Concepts, Issues and Applications

​We are pleased to invite you to contribute to our edited book, "Blockchain: Concepts, Issues, and Applications". 

Please refer to the information provided below for guidelines on submitting a chapter proposal.

In this book, we aim to explore the fundamental mathematical concepts that underpin blockchain technology, and examine its various applications in business management, economics, finance, law, and computer science. We plan to provide a comprehensive understanding of this groundbreaking technology and how it can be leveraged to create a more secure environment.  

As we evaluate the current state of blockchain technology and the challenges it faces, we will also highlight its many potential benefits across various fields. 

Additionly, given the technology's innovation and development potential, we will explore the potential for growth and development in this field through research.

This book will be published by Istanbul University Press. The press aims to contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge through the publication of high-quality scientific journals and books that adhere to international publishing standards and ethics. Istanbul University Press follows an open-access, non-commercial, scholarly publishing model. All books and journals published by Istanbul University Press undergo a double-blind peer-review process.

The book will be published online, open access, and free of charge under the Creative Commons license. You may propose a chapter in the recommended topics or related fields of study. Please submit your 300-500 word abstract including the chapter title and authors/affiliations to "" by April 7th. Both the chapter proposal and the full text should be written in English and it must clearly indicate the problem, objectives, research methods, results, and conclusions. After the abstract's acceptance, manuscript guidelines for full-text will be sent to authors. The book will go through a blind review process, proofreading, layout design and publishing. There is no compensation for authors. The publishing process is carried out by Istanbul University Press.

Recommended Topics:

1.    Crypto Currencies and Related Fields

2.    Digital Currencies

3.    Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledger

4.    Protocols, Algorithms, and Implementation Details

5.    Conceptual Framework of Blockchain Technology

6.    Blockchain and Cryptography

7.    Blockchain and Industry 4.0

8.    Blockchain Security

9.    Blockchain in Cloud Computing 10.Blockchain and Social Networking

11.  Crypto Currency Economics and Monetary Policies 

12.  Governmental Regulations

13.  Applications of AI in Blockchain Technologies

14.  Digital Assets and Decentralized Finance 

15.  Blockchain and its applications in Finance, Economics, and Business Management 

16.  Applications in Mathematics and Computer Science

17.  Other Blockchain Based Digital Assets 18.Socio-economic Aspects of Blockchain Based Technologies

19.  Web 3.0

20.  Metaverses

21.  Blockchain Solutions and Decision Making Through Blockchain Analytics

22.  Future of Blockchain


-    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emre AKADAL, İstanbul University, Turkey.
-    Assist. Prof. Dr. Seda KARAKAŞ GEYİK, İstanbul University, Turkey.
-    Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hakan SATMAN, İstanbul University, Turkey.

The planned schedule for the book:
Proposal submission deadline: April 7, 2023 
Notification of acceptance for proposal: April 21, 2023 
Full chapter submission deadline: July 10, 2023 
Planned publish date: First quarter of 2024